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Author: J. M. Schleyer

Date: 1879

Type: Mixed

Sample Translation
If otävol-la in Yulop, olilädöv pükis mödik If you should travel in Europe you will hear many languages

Sample (Lords Prayer)
O Fat obas, kel binol in süls, paisaludomöz nem ola! Kömomöd monargän ola! Jenomöz vil olik, as in sül, i su tal!

Miscellaneous Information:

By the end of the 1880s there were over 200 Volapük societies and clubs in the world and 25 Volapük journals. Even people who didn't care to learn it at least knew about it. President Cleveland's wife named her dog Volapük. The craze was big enough to be mocked in local papers such as the Milwaukee Sentinel:

A charming young student of Grük

Once tried to acquire Volapük

But it sounded so bad

That her friends called her mad,

And she quit it in less than a wük.

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