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Toki Pona

Author: S. E. Kisa

Date: 2001

Sample (Babel Text) Translation
jan mute li toki e ni: "o kama! mi mute o pali e ma tomo e tomo palisa suli. lawa pi tomo palisa li lon sewi kon. o nimi pi mi mute li kama suli! mi wile ala e ni: mi mute li ken ala. mi mute li lon ma ali." person many say this: O come! we many o work earth build building long object tall. head belonging to long object in above air. O name belonging to we many come big! we want not this: we many possible not. we many in land all.

Miscellaneous Information:

According to the website, Toki Pona is "a minimal language that focuses on the good things in life."


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