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Ehmay Ghee Chah

Author: E. Hankes

Date: 1992

Miscellaneous Information:

Hankes's book is full of ominous warnings about copyright violations -- he seems certain that someone will want to steal his ideas. He suggests that his notational system alone "could be the greatest boon of the twenty-first century," and while he asks that any letters of interest be written in English because he cannot afford to pay for translations, "in a few years, when we all use Ehmay Ghee Chah, that will be no problem." He dedicates his book to a range of things, including "the most marvelous age in the history of mankind," "the most wonderful nation for freedom and opportunity," "scientists and scholars," "the people," "PEACE," "you," "a future full of promise and peril that is yours to build and master," and then at the bottom of the page in tiny type he adds, "and may I take a bow too?"

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