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Author: J. R. R. Tolkien

Date: 1955

Type: Other

Sample Translation
Ennyn Durin Aran Moria: pedo mellon a minno. Im Narvi hain echant: Celebrimbor o Eregion teithant i thiw hin. The doors of Durin Lord of Moria: speak friend and enter. I, Narvi made them: Celebrimbor of Hollin drew these signs.

Sample (Lords Prayer)
Ae Adar nín i vi Menel no aer i eneth lín tolo i arnad lín caro den i innas lin bo Ceven sui vi Menel.

Miscellaneous Information:

Part of his construction of the history for the language involved the back-engineering of an ancestor language from which it could realistically have been derived. That ancestor language became “Primitive Quendian” from which a “contemporary” of Quenya, the Welsh-inspired Sindarin, spoken by a different community of elves, was also derived. On the way to Sindarin (or rather the various dialects of Sindarin), Tolkien worked out aspects of Old Sindarin, Middle Sindarin, and a variety of other stages in the life of the language.

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