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Semantography (Blissymbolics)

Author: C. K. Bliss

Date: 1949

Sample Translation
You will proceed to Paris in July. I propose that you and your wife accept my hospitality and come to Lisboa. The town is full of beautiful places, buildings and pieces of art. The countryside is delightful.

Miscellaneous Information:

Charles decided to work on his own, living off their savings, to write a book that would prove the value of his idea and convince the world to pay attention. For three years he worked feverishly, the words spilling out in such a torrent that he began typing directly onto wax stencils for printing – no editing. He finished the book in 1949, just as their money was running out. Claire sent 6000 letters to Universities and government institutions all over the world announcing the publication of his fantastic new invention. They waited for the orders to start rolling in.

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