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Author: Prince Immanuel of Jerusalem

Date: 1914

Type: A Posteriori

with aul du respekt fau dr. zamenhof dezir similr too i on unit aul the wrld bi wun tung, i konsidr that he hav p? too much stenshun too wat he trm nutraliti and too the romans languyez and too litl atenshun too inglish.

Miscellaneous Information:

Intrigued, I tried to track this one down for a while. The book was published in Cairo. Long ago, an internet search turned up an old postcard on ebay, printed in Cairo, with a picture of "Prince Immanuel of Jerusalem" on it -- a slight, bearded, turn-of-the-century-optometrist looking fellow in some sort of sash-and-medallions regalia. To my regret, I neglected to purchase the postcard. Prince Immanuel of Jerusalem" MAY be Eliezer Goldreich, the brother of Samuel Goldreich, a South African zionist.

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