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Common Writing

Author: F. Lodwick

Date: 1647

Type: A Priori

Sample Translation
In the beginning was the word and the word was with God.

Miscellaneous Information:

In his preface he apologizes for the "harshnesse of [his] stile" and entreats "a more abler wit and Pen, to a compleate attyring and perfecting of the Subject." His modesty was partly due to a feeling of inferiority,life station-wise. He was a merchant with no formal education, which, in the opinion of the author of a later scheme, made him “unequal to the undertaking.” But his modesty was also of the hard-earned type – the modesty that all thoughtful and honest scholars must come to (whatever their life station) when their work reveals a vast, churning ocean of difficulty just beyond the charming rivulet they had glimpsed from afar.

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