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Author: E. P. Foster

Date: 1908

Type: A Priori

Sample Translation
Ad wela radae ur radal Is he a boy or a man?

Miscellaneous Information:

Foster worked on this language for many years and published several books on it. From his 1913 work Ru Ro: "The flash of suggestion that unexpectedly brought the subject to my own mind, nine years ago, was so vivid, and mapped out the whole field so clearly, as a flash of lightening on a dark night irradiates a landscape, that I imagined it would be possible to reproduce the vision in a few days or a few weeks at the most. During the nine years since that time my mind has been working almost incessantly on the problem. Sympathizers have been few. Poverty distressed me. More than once I became discouraged, and tried to lay down the undertaking for something that would afford at least the necessaries of life. But the work had hold of me and would not let go. Often in my dreams or in the waking hours of the night, columns of words chased each other tumultuously thro my brain, and banished the possibility of sleep, until for relief I was compelled to get up, turn on the light, and commit to paper the rampant vocables."

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