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Author: L. de Beaufront and L. Couturat

Date: 1907

Type: A Posteriori (Source: Mostly Latin or mix of European languages)

Sample Translation
Irga chanjo en la statuti di l'uniono od en sa skopo devos esar decidita da la komitato per plumulto de su trioni e sancionita di la riprezentanti per la sama plumulto Every change in the constitution of the union or in its purpose must be decided by the committee through the majority of its members and sanctioned by the representatives through the same majority.

Miscellaneous Information:

The official slogan of the first international Ido congress was "We have come here to work, not to amuse ourselves." But the congress didn't occur until 1921, by which time most of Ido's momentum had been sapped by infighting about further reforms. Most
of the original supporters had by then left to work on their own language projects, which
they deemed superior.

Beaufront was a prominent Esperantist who did much to advance the cause of Esperanto in Western Europe, until he joined the Ido faction in the 1907 split. Zamenhof had chosen him to represent Esperanto at the Delegation for the Adoption of an International Auxiliary Language, but de Beaufront supported Ido instead, an act which ever after cast him as the Judas of Esperanto. Esperantists, normally rather charitable, understanding types, can get pretty harsh when it comes to de Beaufront. As the primary biographer of Zamenhof put it: "Louis de Beaufront had to live with himself until January 8th, 1935, when, after a period of extreme solitude, he died at La Folie, near Grivesne, so much alone that the first news of his death came from the post-office stamp on a returned letter." Ouch.

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