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Author: L. Beaufront

Date: 1896

Type: A Posteriori

Sample (Lords Prayer)
Patro nua, kvu estas in el ĉjelo, estez honorata tua nomo, venez regno tua, estez volo tua kome in el ĉjelo, tale anke sur el tero.

Miscellaneous Information:

Beaufront was a prominent Esperantist who did much to advance the cause of Esperanto in Western Europe, until he joined the Ido faction in the 1907 split. Zamenhof had chosen him to represent Esperanto at the Delegation for the Adoption of an International Auxiliary Language, but de Beaufront supported Ido instead, an act which ever after cast him as the Judas of Esperanto. Esperantists, normally rather charitable, understanding types, can get pretty harsh when it comes to de Beaufront. As the primary biographer of Zamenhof put it: "Louis de Beaufront had to live with himself until January 8th, 1935, when, after a period of extreme solitude, he died at La Folie, near Grivesne, so much alone that the first news of his death came from the post-office stamp on a returned letter." Ouch.

Beaufront claimed he had abandoned Adjuvanto, his own project, when he discovered Esperanto, but no pre-Esperanto documentation of the project exists.

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